Product Demo

A 3D graphic or animation of a new or existing product has been proving time and again to be a great marketing tool to draw in potential clients and customers. A 3D animation can demonstrate a products usefulness and potential in ways that sometimes just can’t be duplicated in real life. For example: A tool that’s used on a pipeline in underground drilling can’t be filmed in action in real life thousands of feet below the surface. An animated video can demonstrate its capabilities in a cutaway video to show customers how it can benefit them in the work field. A 3D demo can present a product, tool, service, procedure or anything your company offers in a compelling, visually stimulate way that will bring the public’s attention to you.
3D graphics are being used by many companies around the world in ways most people may not realize. IKEA, for instance, uses 3D models and environments for as much as 75% of all their furniture product images in their catalogs, website and poster displays.
Source - Building 3D with IKEA