Character Animation

Character animation is beneficial and sometimes essential to many 3D productions. Even when the animated character isn't the main focus of the production, it can still add a sense of familiarity and understanding. For example, if you had a 3d video showing a job site such as a factory or a power plant, it might be difficult to get a proper sense of scale on the size of the facility. But by adding some background characters or vehicles moving around and working, it gives us something familiar to use as a reference point. 
3D characters can be used for many purposes in corporate and industrial animations. Some examples include:
  • Corporate and industrial employee training videos. This may include software or equipment training, new employee orientation or classroom instruction
  • Procedure instruction or re-certification. If it's a new employee or an experienced worker, sometimes procedures are updated or changed within a company and employees need to be brought up to speed.
  • Safety training. 3D characters are ideal to use for safety training when showing employees the dangerous consequences when not following proper procedures in the work place. 
  • Marketing presentations. Use 3D characters to demonstrate and promote a product or service in a 3D animation. Bring clients and customers to you with an exciting video to promote your company on your website, TV commercial, YouTube, trade shows, etc...

Below are some examples of creature animations that I've done for the Discovery Channel and the David Suzuki show, The Nature of Things.