Industrial Animation

Industrial animations can be used in a wide range of useful endeavors and have far reaching benefits to any company. One of the greater benefits that many companies use a 3D animation is too secure funding for a new project. A 3D animated marketing video is a fantastic way to demonstrate to potential investors the benefits and results of their financial investment. As much as 65% of the population are visual learners and process images quicker than reading text. Video combined with audio is retained in our minds much easier than text and can be recalled, later on, much quicker. An eye catching 3D animation during a presentation will focus your audiences attention on your message. 
Years ago I was involved on a project for a middle eastern oil company for a large refinery proposal. My group and I created a 3D animation for one of the company divisions that was being used in a presentation. Several divisions in the company were presenting their proposals to the company executives one afternoon to get funding for their projects. All the other groups had used power point presentations, mostly text, a few images and some graphs. During each presentation, there was constant interruptions from the executives asking questions and seeking clarification on one point or another. When the 3D video presentation was shown, the room remained silent as they watched from start to finish and then asked to watch it a second time. That project was funded!
Industrial animations are great for employee orientation and in many cases could be much more cost effective than on site training. It can be used for tool, equipment or procedure training, marketing demonstrations and public forum presentations. Every year, more and more companies are realizing the potential and benefiting from 3D industrial animation.